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No, you can only use candle holder or decorative ornaments made out of heat resistant material.

No problem! Just remove the burned Candlesand, which when cooled down will be solidified into one small lump of wax and be careful on removing that part. The remaining Candlesand can be used again by either inserting a new wick or by following steps 1-4 as described onto the packaging.

Yes, that is what makes Candlesand so cost-efficient versus other traditional candles! Candlesand can be used until the last particle of sand that what makes it is so unique.

Depending on the size of your heat resistant container. You can put in as many wicks as you wish based on the diameter size of your candle jar. REMEMBER Candlesand is fun and exciting but it comes also with great responsibility. Keep it safe at all times, and to highlight the more flames the higher the risks!

In some instances, the flame might become smaller than when first lighted, but don’t worry, it will continue to burn without extinguishing. However, if you would like to have a visible and larger flame, just remove the lumpy part of your Candlesand and change to a new wick.

Simple! Remove the lumpy part of the Candlesand by your hand and pour the remaining Candlesand in a separate container for later usage. If Candlesand is melted and sticks to the surface of your heat resistant container, you may need to heat the surface of your container with hot water to melt down the remaining Candlesand.

Be proud of what you have created and share it with the world via our Facebook page or on your own Facebook & Instagram page. Who knows your creative creation will be rewarded with some benefits from the Candlesand Team!

Candlesand comes in handy with reusable zipper bags. Just pour your leftover Candlesand in the original bag and keep it for your next creation.

Candlesand is best mixed in a separate container and can be stirred with a long spoon or even your fingers.

We have envisioned creating Candlesand for young and old generation. However, since Candlesand is to be used with great responsibility, we recommend starting exploring Candlesand from 10 years old onwards. THIS IS ALWAYS UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF AN ADULT!


Sure! You can order extra candle wicks from our website.

No problem! Just like sand on the beach, Candlesand might lump together when compressed. If still in the packaging, gently shake the closed bag and squeeze it between your fingers until the lumps fall apart into sand particles.

Please take note that, Candlesand should not be burned for more than 4 hours at a time. However, Candlesand has a very slow burn rate, and it can give you the pleasure for up to 48 hours. Of course, it depends on how long your wick is and how much Candlesand you have added into your heat resistant container.

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